comSysto becomes a Hippo Partner

Since February 2012 comSysto is proud to be one of the direct partners of Hippo, delivering context aware CMS solutions and empowering their audience to engage with content.

Hippo is a Dutch company located in Amsterdam providing CMS based solutions for over 10 years. Their main product Hippo CMS is the first web content management solution to deliver context-aware content for its customers. According to CMS Match – a wiki portal for content management systems – Hippo CMS is one of the most feature-rich CMS solutions including context awareness, multi lingual, multi channel, multi site, SEO, advanced search, reporting and an intuitive interface. For details take a look at Hippo’s key capabilities.

From a technical perspective it is based on open source technologies like the Spring Framework, Apache Wicket, Apache Jackrabbit and open standards like the Content Repository for Java Technology API (JCR, specified in JSR 170 and JSR 283). It provides seamless integration in any web framework like Apache Wicket and Spring MVC and provides its own Hippo Site Toolkit (HST) for building CMS based web applications. The CMS itself is extensible through a plugin-architecture and managed content is accessible in various ways like via the Hippo Repository or REST services. For an overview about the technology behind Hippo take a look at Hippo’s technology overview.

Do you want to know more? Then try the online demo and get in touch with us – we are looking forward to build and deliver the content web solution you need!



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