The MongoDB tool belt

Today I want to show you some tools which come in handy when dealing with MongoDB installations:

  • mongorc.js is your good friend. It lives in your $HOME directory and let’s you do amazing things. I’d suggest you take a look at Tyler Brocks version on github as an excellent starting point.
  • The MongoDB Sharding Visualizer is a Chrome plugin that allows for interactive monitoring of sharded MongoDB setups. A great tool to get your head around what’s going on between your shards.
  • Performance tuning is usually always a good idea and for database systems the first thing you want to have are indexes. Dex can help you to figure out which index suits your application best and makes users happy!
  • Edda is a tool that visualizes MongoDB’s log files. Colorful, useful, give it a try!
  • MongoHub is an Admin UI for Macs for those who don’t like CLIs.
  • MongoDB also has a built-in web interface. Make sure you turn it on in your config! Also nice for Replica Sets!
  • For all of those who like cli stuff there are lots of goodies:
    • mongostat continually displays various metrics from a running mongod
    • mongotop tells you how much time a mongod spends on reading/writing on collection level
    • mongoperf tells how you fast your disk subsystem is. For some extra fun run it on Amazon’s new SSD EC2 instances and compare it to values from standard EBS volumes!
    • mongosniff is for those who really want to get their hands dirty. Think wireshark for MongoDB!

Generally it’s a good idea to keep a look at the 10gen-labs and at the overview of Admin UIs.

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