MongoDB Munich 2012 Roundup

This year’s MongoMunich took place on October 16th. As the NOSQL movement is growing we were excited to have about 200 attendees, which is a huge step-up from last year!

comSysto was sponsoring the event so we ware able to set up our booth and hand out MongoDB Munich User Group T-Shirts which became very popular amongst the visitors!

After in initial Welcome by 10gen’s Alvin Richards the conference was kicked off by Matthew Bates about “Building Your FIrst App with MongoDB” and comSysto’s own Johannes Brandstetter who explained how MongoDB supports our understanding of software projects in his talk “Lean & Agile with MongoDB”. This talk also delivered an overview about current projects comSysto is working on where MongoDB is involved. In the last session before lunch comSysto Managing Director Tomislav Zorc and Software Engineer Bernd Zuther talked about our technical showcase project “Pizza Quattro Shardoni” which brings together a full blown End2End stack of BigData technologies such as MongoDB, Hadoop and traditional relational databases. The audience was very enthusiastic as the presentation included an interactive part where attendees could order Pizzas online and see the orders being charted in real-time!

In summary the “hallway track” proved to be the most interesting again as a wide variety of people, companies came together to discuess use-cases for MongoDB!

Regarding 10gen’s recent hires 2013 is going to be a very thrilling year for the NoSQL movement!


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