Germany, let’s get LEAN with the Lean Startup Machine in Munich!

(New York, NY :: Munich, DE) – Lean Startup Machine has hit all major continents around the world and now it’s time that Germany gets lean for the first time! To bring you a life altering three-day workshop to Munich that rocks the world, we are partnering up with Telefónica’s Wayra, set to become the world’s largest technology accelerator programme, and with comSysto, a Munich based software company specialized in lean business and technology development.

Lean Startup Machine (LSM) is an intensive three-day workshop where entrepreneurs and innovators use Lean Startup principles to validate ideas for new products or services. “Learn more in 3 days then you have in 6 months. We’ve been growing rapidly internationally and now is the time for Germany to join our global community. If you’re serious about your start up, if you’re serious about becoming a successful entrepreneur you will be at this workshop. Lean Startup isn’t the key to success; it is a way to continually move forward towards success.”, says Rafael Balbi, Director of Operations at LSM.

This three-day event will run from November 30th –  December 2nd, 2012 and will offer local innovators the chance to test their ideas with some of the same methodologies that have been used by Dropbox, Facebook, and Zynga.

“This is the first time a Lean Startup Machine workshop is being held in Germany and we are proud to host this top-notch event at our Wayra academy, where we accelerate some of Germany’s most talented startups. Next to seed funding and exceptional office facilities, our startups not only benefit from a wide variety of expert mentors and coaches, but are able to cooperate and connect with likeminded entrepreneurs in ten other Wayra countries. The Lean Startup Machine weekend is a fantastic event within the German tech scene, and we are delighted at this opportunity to participate” explains Tanja Kufner, Academy Director Wayra Germany.

Throughout the weekend, participants will be put through a very intensive process. One that will push entrepreneurs to new limits and will surely shatter some perspectives on what is capable. Participants will be coached by local VC’s, investors, successful entrepreneurs, and the Lean Startup Machine team on how to apply the methodology. Jointly responsible for the selection of appropriate mentors is Christian Kramer, one of highly esteemed Lean Startup coaches and consultants in Germany.

Lean Startup is a methodology that was made popular by world renowned author Eric Ries. The methodology has been known to save entrepreneurs much time that would be otherwise be wasted. The number 1 reason why startups fail is because they build products that no one wants. Lean Startup helps entrepreneurs avoid this pitfall by building things that customers actually want to use and will buy.

Participants from diverse backgrounds are all welcome! Serial innovators, students, designers, and business entrepreneurs alike are invited.

Being that this is our very first workshop in Germany, this event will be selling out very quickly. Please visit for more details. Be one of the first to say that you attended this workshop, you don’t want to be left out!

For reservations, questions, concerns, or interview requests please do not hesitate to contact Diana Knezevic at

About Lean Startup Machine:

Lean Startup Machine has hit all major markets including New York, London, Lahore, Palo Alto, Boston, Istanbul and Toronto. LSM is a way to go about building better products faster. It’s changing the way entrepreneurs create things and has undoubtedly paid off. Companies that use lean techniques include Facebook, Zynga, and Dropbox. LSM provides participants with tools, techniques, resources and knowledge designed to help early stage companies identify their key market and iterate products quickly.

About Wayra:

Wayra is an initiative of Telefónica Digital whose main aim is to promote innovation and the detection of new talents in Latin America and Europe in the field of the Internet and the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). By means of its global project acceleration model, it supports entrepreneurs in their development, providing them with the technological tools, qualified mentors, a cutting-edge work space and the funding necessary to accelerate their growth.

With presence in eleven countries (Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, the United Kingdom and Venezuela), Wayra has received over thirteen thousand proposals for new digital businesses, making it the largest technological talent spotting platform in the ICT world. Its academies in Bogotá, Mexico City, Lima, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Sao Paulo, Dublin and Munich are currently home to over one hundred and seventy startups going through the acceleration process.

About comSysto:

While supporting all three steps of a well-known Build-Measure-Learn lean feedback loop, comSysto focuses on open source frameworks and software as major enablers of short, agile Build-Measure-Learn iterations and fast gains in validated learning. We enjoy developing with Spring framework and its subprojects, Apache Wicket, Gradle, Git, MongoDB, Oracle DB and Oracle BI. comSysto, initiator of first Lean Startup Machine in Germany, is dedicated to eliminating waste in both business and technology since 2005.

“If I’d had Lean Startup Machine in 1979 at 3com, I could have skipped 1980-1983.” – Bob Metcalfe, co-inventor of Ethernet.


comSysto GmbH
T: 089 550 60 588
Lindwurmstr. 97
80337 München


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