“Deutsche Wolke” a Cloud Computing Solution Made in Germany

meetup_logoWe are happy to announce the first talk for the Meetup Cloud Computing User Group Munich (CloudUG Muenchen). Thomas Ludwig Uhl, VP Global Business Development Deutsche Wolke and Cloud Strategist GRAU DATA AG will talk about Deutsche Wolke als Alternative zu US-amerikanischen Cloud-Anbietern für IaaS und SaaS. Entstehung, Status und Ausblick(talk will be in German).

Today, Cloud Computing is in everyones mind. Unfortunatley, famous services as Amazon Webservices or Google Compute Engine are all hosted by US based companies. These services are available to German or European customers as to everyone else in the world. But Germany’s strict rules with respect to data security make it very difficult to deploy any service into an international cloud environment.

The project “Deutsche Wolke” is an initiative for the index.phpdevelopment of a federal Cloud-Infrastructure in German. Starting in 2010 the project had the vision of  a “Cloud Made in Germany: open standards, maximum performance and availability”. Today, a network of excellent German computer centers provides a stable and flexible cloud infrastructure ready to use for your application.

Thomas Ludwig Uhl will talk about history, milestones, pitfalls, latest projects running in the “Deutsche Wolke”, future plans, and describes ways to get your application up, and running in the “Deutsche Wolke”. This will be no marketing or tech talk. Thomas plans to provide a nice mixture of cloud strategies and technology. Therefore, the talk will be interesting for decision makers and technical staff.

Are you doubtful about costs, flexibility and legal restrictions? You do not beleave in a cloud prodcut made in Germany? Or are you not allowed to move your application and data into the cloud? The talk will give you a lot of answers and useful tips. We are looking forward to see you at the Meetup. Please register at the Meetup Page.

Date: March, 20th, 2013
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Location: Wayra Academy in the center of Munich (Kaufingerstr. 15, 80331 München)

logoThanks to the Wayra Academy for sponsoring the location. Wayra is an initiative of Telefónica Digital whose main aim is to promote innovation and the detection of new talents in Latin America and Europe in the field of the Internet and the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)


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