R-Hackathon analyzing Munich user group data

On Friday, July 26, the Munich userR group organised their first R Hackathon. Despite of nice summer weather and 31 degrees celsius seven people met at the comSysto office to pitch for five different R challenges.

  • R and latest search technologies
  • Analysing WIFI log data
  • Connection to the Meetup API and analysing user group data
  • Analysing user group data provided by techism.de as csv
  • Implementing a Shiny App visualising mobile.de data

Finally, we decided to analyse the techism.de data. Techism is a web platform collecting all user group activities around Munich. We had access to 2080 user group events starting in 2008 until July 2013. In average there is one user group meeting every day, the most groups start at 7 p.m., the preferred weekday is Tuesday, most user groups run for 2 hours and very often they take place at mgm technology partners.

It was a great experience to see R experts and R beginners working together and solving statistical task. Everyone was able to load the data and to implement basic descriptive analyses. Thanks to RStudio all participants were able to connect with a github repository in seconds and had no problems working together. We used packages as ggmap, plyr, ggplot2, … . To guarantee some output of our hackathon we did two small sprints for about one hour with well defined statistical questions.

Keep on watching, we will release a detailed summary of our analyses in about 6-8 weeks.

Thanks a lot to Christine, Ine, Janko, Christoph, Felix and Dieter for participation. We will organise an R-Hackathon again.


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