MongoSoup: You code, we cook.

comSysto launches first German MongoDB-as-a-Service solution

logo-soup_160x400MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database and closes the gap between function-rich relational database management systems (RDBMS) and highly-scalable key value stores. It has excellent scalability, high flexibility in its overall concept and deployment, good performance, and provides solid security against failure.

comSysto is the first German company to be an advanced cloud partner of MongoDB Inc., the developers of MongoDB. We have been working with MongoDB Inc. (previously known as 10gen) as an advanced service partner since January 2012. We are now the first company that enterprises interested in this subject turn to in the German-speaking regions of Europe.

During the recent months we have been developing a cloud-based MongoDB-as-a-Service solution. The new service is called MongoSoup and goes live on Oct. 7th. We will be presenting MongoSoup to the public at this year’s MongoDB Munich conference on Oct. 14th.

Being the first German Mongo-DB-as-a-Service provider MongoSoup allows companies to quickly use a fully managed MongoDB solution. MongoSoup is highly scalable, production-ready – and therefore optimally suited for quick deployment and Big Data applications with short development cycles.

With MongoSoup we offer developers using MongoDB for their projects critical advantages over existing solutions in the market: They don’t have to set up either the database or the platform; MongoSoup provides them with a fully managed MongoDB cluster as well as a platform upon which they can develop, run and scale applications. All of this is readily set up in under 10 minutes.

The flexible pay-as-you-go payment model with monthly payments allows the greatest agility without long-term contracts. What’s more, MongoSoup supports its customers with full 24×7 support.

MongoSoup offers:

  • High performance and high availability

  • Runs on systems that are optimized for MongoDB

  • Shared hosting databases and dedicated systems available in various configurations: ideal for development systems

  • Replica sets and sharding

  • Scalability: From startup to the enterprise level

  • Individual enterprise support: MongoSoup provides customers with consulting for their specific requirements and makes available replica sets, sharding and support in application development

  • MongoDB Gold Subscription with 24×7 telephone support, emergency patches and a commercial license

  • Bring your own data center – MongoSoup can also take on the operation of existing MongoDB setups

Our  Berlin-based partner cloudControl, the leading German provider of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), is adding MongoSoup to its add-on portfolio. The experts at comSysto support users in all their MongoDB related questions.

MongoSoup is a milestone for comSysto: Competence gained from the areas of NoSQL, big data and cloud computing, which we have only used in large enterprises before this, are now bundled and standardized in this product. For that reason, we are now able to make it available to small and mid-sized enterprises in a very fast and inexpensive way.

Press release (pdf, German)


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