Skillmazing – Visualize your Skill Profile

This week our new platform Skillmazing starts into public beta. During the last four months we developed a new way of managing skills and visualizing skill profiles.

Until last year, we only managed them in a table format. This was a good start, but implied a lot of problems. Especially, as the table rapidly grew in size, it was hard to retrieve information instantly. Therefore, we developed a new application called Skillmazing. The tool especially focuses on personal development and supports users in improving their skills. Since we think that the application can not only benfit our company, but everybody who is interested in developing their skills, we would like to share it with you.

What Skillmazing offers:

  • See what skills you have and what you would like to improve
  • Search for material and stuff you can do to improve your skills
  • Get your skills, goals and progress visualized
  • Save your visualizations as .svg or .png file
  • Search for like-minded people to improve your skills together
  • Share your profile on social plattforms or via email

As default, all your data is invisible for other users. So create your profile and make it visible for others to present your skills and attract like-minded people!

Start Now

Choose from nine different visualizations and create personal profile visualizations like this:

Skill Visualization Sunburst

Skill Visualization Village Chart

Skill Visualization Bar Chart Horizontal

Skill Visualization Badges

Skill Visualization House Chart

Skill Visualization Bar Chart Vertical

Skill Visualization Timeline

Skill Visualization Puzzle

To see more, visit my skill profile here.

As Skillmazing started into public beta this week, we are looking forward to your feedback! Enjoy!

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