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Interview with Talip Ozturk – founder & CTO from Hazelcast

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-11 um 15.31.48Recently we had a very special guest in our Lightweight Java User Group. Talip Ozturk is the founder & CTO of Hazelcast. He is a pioneering startup founder having created the first Silicon Valley startup from Turkey. He has been working with enterprise Java since 1999. Talip gave a nice talk on Distributed Caching with JCache and beyond. After his talk we took the opportunity to ask a couple questions about him and his work.

Check out the interview with Talip Ozturk below:

You gave the talk “Distributed Caching with JCache and Beyond” on Tuesday, October 3rd in our Lightweight Java User Group.

What’s your impression of the Lightweight Java User Group & comSysto?

Talip Ozturk: Very smart and interactive group of developers. I love it.

What is so special about JCache?

Talip Ozturk: It standardizes the caching in Java. No need to learn a new caching API. We are now free to switch to any caching provider. Life is much easier this way.

How did you come up with the idea to establish Hazelcast?

Talip Ozturk: I thought it would be really cool if we had distributed implementations of all data structures and services available in java concurrency package. This way we can build distributed applications easily.

Did you always dream of creating your own company?

Talip Ozturk: Yes, since I was in college. I was curious to see how far the rabbit hole goes.

What makes Hazelcast different from its competitors?

Talip Ozturk: Its elegant design from its API to implementation to packaging and also the fact that there is great community around the product. It is built to give “feels right” feeling.

In which direction is your company headed for 2016?

Talip Ozturk: Out new hot-restart persistence is a big deal for us. Also we are working on to make Hazelcast more cloud friendly through better integration with Openshift, Docker, Cloud Foundry etc.

If you could describe yourself in only 5 words, what would they be?

Talip Ozturk: passionate puzzled curious mind

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Talip Ozturk: building new technology products

What would you say is so special about your job?

Talip Ozturk: understanding customer/user experience.

What event did you most recently visit and why did you visit this event?

Talip Ozturk: JavaOne, it is great place to demo Hazelcast and meet developers.

How did you come across our meetup user group?

Talip Ozturk: Through Java community. We try to attend all active Java user groups.

What do you do in your free time if you don’t write codes?

Talip Ozturk: Playing soccer. Spending time with my kids.

Imagine you’d be the king of the java world for one day, what would you try to change?

Talip Ozturk: I would ask Java Unsafe to be made ‘safe’.

When and where can we expect to see you again? 🙂

Talip Ozturk: Another Java User Group or Conference

If you missed out on Talip’s talk please check out the video below:

The slides to Talip’s talk are here available.

If you have a great topic and would like to share it with the Lightweight Java User Group, please contact us here.





Introduction to comSysto´s cS ONE Conference

We were planning this amazing event for a couple month. On December 4th, 2014 it was finally time to start with the cS One Conference. This event was the first ever internal conference for comSysto, therefore everyone was enthusiastic and very excited about the outcome.

The Idea Behind It / Motivation

The introduction to the conference was made during breakfast by Daniel Bartl, one of the owners of comSysto.

Featured image      Featured image

As a proponent of the idea “New Work, New Culture”, we always try to find a way how to give our colleagues a chance to do something they deeply care about and love, to transfer knowledge to each other, to socialize with each other and be able to work in teams together.

The cS ONE Conference was all about knowledge transfer and team strengthening. comSysto employees had the chance to organize their own workshop or bring certain topic up for discussion in a group setting, which was conducted during working hours. The employees were very passionate about their workshops and group discussions and were looking forward to the conference. Everyone had the chance to sign up for the workshops and talks which, took place that day.

The Agenda

In order to start our day with lots of energy, we kicked it off with great breakfast which was very delicious and kept us going until lunch break thanks to lunchbox catering.

Featured image      Featured image

The talks as well as the workshops started both at 10 am. See below the timesheet for each talk and workshop.

Featured image      Featured imageThe topics of the talks were as follows:

  • JVM Deep Dive
  • Angular JS
  • Footfalls reloaded (Talk from Strata Barcelona)
  • Stress management & Burnout prevention
  • Agile at Emnos
  • DIY IOT Sensor Labs

The topics of the workshops were as follows:

  • How groups of people work
  • Shortcut Mania
  • comSysto moodboard
  • Modern Dev Tools
  • Building a mobile web app with
  • MOOC Mania

The topics of the tables were as follows:

  • comSysto Continuous Improvement Board
  • Wissenskombinat Guild
  • Marketing: Outlook for the 1st half year of 2015
  • Trainee @ comSysto + small workshop
  • Managing directors table
  • Introducing the new office team and their roles
  • GULP 2.0

The topic tables at comSysto were similar to a booth at an exhibition, and each topic table covered a different subject matter. Each colleague had the chance to drop by and inform themselves about the certain focus area. Many of the topics were work related. As most of the talks have lots of internal information about clients and projects, we can only show you two of the sessions (GULP 2.0 and JVM Deep Dive).

The guild tables were groups of employees that share knowledge, tools, codes about certain topics. In the BIG PICTURE Guild, employees explore data in small projects like Kaggle competitions, sensor data analysis, IOT, location tracking and anomaly detection. They basically try to get knowledge out of the data mainly by using machine learning methods. Wissenkombinat is the guild that has its focus on knowledge transfer and employee development. The aim of the Wissenkombinat is to improve the good “knowledge” (e.g. increasing efficiency, increasing communication between each other and transferring knowledge, etc.) and to find ways how to better learn from each other. If you want to read more about our guilds (there are several more) then please follow this link to our website.

Featured image        Featured imageFeatured image         Featured image

Each attendee had the chance to rate the talks, workshops and topic tables with our mascot sticker (see below).


Work Hard, Play Hard

Featured image      Featured image

The chillout corner was very popular. comSysto employees had the chance to play playstation, which by the way belongs to teambuilding :).

What do you think about comSysto’s One Conference?

Does it encourage you to start your own internal conference?

You are so convinced by it and want to join our team? 🙂

Share your thoughts with me.